Former Congressman, Campaign Legend Ron Packard Endorses Don Sedgwick For Congress

Oct 16, 2019 | News

Packard Lauds Sedgwick’s Independent Streak And Responsible Leadership


ORANGE COUNTY — October 16 — Ron Packard, a campaigning legend who served Southern California in Congress for nearly two decades, has endorsed Laguna Hills Mayor Don Sedgwick for Congress in CA-45.  
Packard, a Republican, made history in 1982 with his successful write-in campaign for Congress. Packard served in Congress from 1983-2001 and was known as a deficit hawk. 

“Don is a pragmatic and responsible leader. He knows how to work with others for the common good, but he also has an independent streak that all good leaders must have,” said Packard. “Washington is broken; Don Sedgwick is someone who can fix it.”

Sedgwick said: “Ron is someone I always admired for sticking to his principles. When I look at what’s happening in Washington, it’s hard to tell who is a Republican and who is a Democrat because nearly everyone’s solution is to borrow more money and make the next generation pick up the check. I do not intend on sticking my children’s generation with the costly mistakes of today.”