Lake Forest, Tustin Leaders Choose Don Sedgwick to ‘Whip Congress into Shape,’ Protect OC Jobs

Nov 4, 2019 | News

Dozens Of Orange County Leaders Have Lined Up Behind Sedgwick in CA-45

ORANGE COUNTY — November 4 — Lake Forest City Councilman Dwight Robinson and former Tustin Mayor Al Murray are the latest Orange County leaders to endorse Don Sedgwick for Congress, following dozens of others.

Dwight Robinson has served on the Lake Forest City Council since 2012 and is a successful businessman. Al Murray is both the executive director of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce and a policy advisor with the Orange County Board of Supervisors. He served in the Tustin City Council for eight years and three times as mayor.

Through their positions on city councils, all three men served on the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors, where they worked together to save taxpayers $18 million in interest by paying down unfunded pension liabilities.

“I had the privilege of working with Don at OCFA,” said Robinson. “He has shown time and again that he has the experience, the understanding of policy, the personality and, most of all, the toughness, to whip Congress into shape.”

Murray added: “Many California cities are teetering on bankruptcy because of pension obligations that they can’t keep up with. Because of Don and the work we did at OCFA, many Orange County cities will be able to stay afloat during the next recession. Plus, we saved taxpayers millions of dollars. That’s the kind of experience and leadership Congress is sorely lacking right now.”