Sedgwick Demands End To Dangerous Liberal Policy That Allowed Recidivist Killing Spree

Aug 8, 2019 | News

Calls AB 109 An “Abomination” and “Disastrous Law”


LAGUNA HILLS, CA — August 8 – Mayor Don Sedgwick issued the following statement calling for an end to California’s AB 109 early prisoner release that allowed a convicted felon back on our streets to kill in a stabbing rampage. The felon previously incarcerated for drug possessions and possession of a firearm was released early from prison as a result of AB 109 bill being passed.

Sedgwick stated, “Enough is enough. The number one job of government is to keep people safe. Dangerous criminals are roaming our streets because of AB 109.  How many others will be hurt before Sacramento politicians wake up and repeal this disastrous ultra-left policy?”

“We were sold a bill of goods by liberal politicians out of Sacramento that the criminals released early would be non-serious and non-violent. Crime has surged and this latest atrocity is unacceptable. We must repeal this dangerous law immediately and put families’ public safety first above all else,” continued Sedgwick.

He continued, “My heart breaks for the victims and their families of this tragedy. It’s unconscionable that this criminal was allowed back on our streets.”