Sedgwick Launches Second Ad

Apr 15, 2019 | News

New Ad Slams Katie Porter For Failing Orange County Families By Voting 100% In Line With Pelosi’s Liberal Agenda


ORANGE COUNTY — April 16 — The Sedgwick for Congress campaign has released its second Ad of the cycle. The Ad, entitled “100% Orange County,” highlights Katie Porter’s hypocrisy in office.  During her campaign Porter promised she’d stand up for Orange County families 100% of the time, but when she got to Washington she fell in line with beltway bosses, voting 100% with Pelosi’s liberal agenda. Sedgwick lays out his plan to stop the growth of big government, end illegal immigration and solve veteran homelessness. He invites voters to look at the promises he has kept as an elected official in Orange County, as proof that in Washington he will actually keep the very promise that Porter cast aside, and stand up for Orange County families 100% of the time.

Focusing on Don Sedgwick’s work to fight for good schools and keep Orange County families safe, the Ad also offers voters a clear look into Sedgwick’s public service record as Laguna Hills Mayor and School Board Member.  

Sedgwick gave the following statement, “Orange County is tired of politicians saying one thing and doing another.  Liberal Katie Porter has fallen short of her promise to take care of our families.  With her first vote in power Porter has aligned herself with Nancy Pelosi and is even funded by Socialist Democrats.”

“I’m running for Congress because the politicians should be beholden to no one but the people of Orange County, 100% of the time. Success is built on dedication, hard work and individual responsibility.  I’ll fight to lower taxes and keep government out of our pockets so our businesses and families can thrive.” 

Sedgwick’s Chief Strategist, John Thomas, added,  “Our campaign rejects Porter’s extreme, leftist values and believe that radical liberals should not represent our district. Extreme liberals and self-described socialists like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have endorsed and are funding Porter’s liberal campaign.”