Sedgwick Promoted to NRCC’s Contender Status In CA-45

Feb 19, 2020 | News

Sedgwick is the Only Republican Candidate in CA-45 to Earn Contender Status


LAGUNA HILLS, CA — February 19 – The National Republican Campaign Committee has promoted Don Sedgwick to “Contender Status,” signaling he is the only viable Republican in the race to defeat Katie Porter.

Sedgwick has compiled an impressive list of local and national endorsements from conservative leaders. He grew up the 45th District, where he still lives and where he has raised his children.

Sedgwick is a successful small-business owner and has been a successful mayor and champion of education. He has also led the Republican field in fundraising.

According to the NRCC’s website, “Contenders” are candidates who  have “completed stringent program metrics and are on the path to developing a mature and competitive campaign operation” and “are in congressional seats that appear favorable to the GOP candidate.”

“It is such an honor that our campaign to restore conservative values has caught the attention of our Republican allies in Washington,” Sedgwick said. “Katie Porter is completely wrong for Orange County and the entire nation has noticed.”