Sedgwick Zeros In On Liberal Policy Failures

Jun 21, 2019 | Media, News

Sedgwick Zeros In On Liberal Policy Failures Making California Poor

ORANGE COUNTY — June 21 — Liberal policies are at the root of the homelessness problem. Democrats are sending house prices sky-high as well as taxing us into oblivion from sales to gas and water that makes the cost of living untenable. Liberal policies penalize people who can afford it the least causing them to spiral into an endless cycle of homelessness.

I’m tired of politicians saying one thing and doing another. We’ve got to stop the growth of big government. As Mayor of Laguna Hills I’m determined to confront the crisis and make sure Orange County never follows LA’s footsteps – Americans should not be living in third world conditions. A School Board member for 18 years, I worked to make sure kids stay on the right path and off the streets by focusing on college prep coursework, as well as vocational training to prepare youngsters for the jobs of tomorrow.

I’m running for Congress because I’ll get to the root of the problem by lowering the cost of living, lowering taxes, and keeping people off the streets in the first place.