“I believe in a Conservative Vision to move Orange County Families Forward”

Don Sedgwick


Vote by March 3rd — Primary Election

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“Voters deserve a candidate who will put their values first – solving veteran homelessness, strengthening our military, and fighting to keep us safe — I am proud to be running to be the next Congressman in California’s 45th district.”





Former United States Senator Orrin Hatch


Dore Gilbert, Mayor of Laguna Hills

Janine Heft, Mayor of Laguna Hills

Erica Pezold, Mayor of Laguna Hills

Dave Wheeler,
Council Member of Laguna Hills

Joe Lautenschleger,
Frmr. Mayor of Laguna Hills

Melody Carruth, 1st Mayor of Laguna Hills

Tim Brown, Former Mayor of San Clemente

Vince Rossini, Mayor of Villa Park

and More…

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What’s Happening

Sedgwick for congress

I had a great time speaking with students at San Clemente High School I am honored they gave up their lunch hour to meet with me and pepper me with excellent (and tough) questions.

I can't thank them enough!

Laguna Hills Council Member @SedgwickforOC is a proud American, husband, father and small business owner. He's also running for Congress in CA-45.

I'm honored to be the only Republican candidate in #ca45 to reach NRCC's Contender Status. Even DC knows we're the only viable challenge to Katie Porter and I'm excited to restore conservative values to the district. https://sedgwickforcongress.com

No budget, no pay. As a member of Congress, I won't take a paycheck if we don't pass a budget. No one else gets paid if they don't do their jobs, why should members of Congress be different? #ca45 https://sedgwickforcongress.com

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